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Morro Castle Old Havana Cuba

The Castillo de los Tres Reyes del Morro Castle is the most well known castle fortress in Cuba, construction commenced in 1589 and finished in 1660 and was built primarily to guard the bay of Havana. One of the “must see” places while in Old Havana, the symbol of Havana Cuba called the The Giraldilla is […]

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Things to do in Havana | Universidad de la Habana

Founded in 1728, the Universidad de la Habana is the oldest university in Cuba and one of the first to be inaugurated in the Americas. Formerly a religious institution, today it hosts over 15 colleges/faculties across numerous disciplines such as; the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities, and business. Students from around the world are […]

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El Capitolio Habana | Havana Capital Building

Way before the site for the Capitolio Habana had been appropriately cleaned up after its construction, the Capitol was an mandatory visit for all visitors to the island, and since then it has been customary for all tourists coming to Cuba to have their photo taken with the great building in the background as proof […]

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Lady of Kazan Orthodox Cathedral Old Havana

Our Lady of Kazan cathedral has been welcomed by many in Cuba’s Russian community and held its first service of the Russian Orthodox Church in Cuba in 2001. Previously russian religious events were held in the Russian trade delegation building, then at the Russian embassy in Miramar, and later in the Catholic Church. The Our […]


Old Havana Sights | Great Theatre of Havana

The Great Theatre of Havana is situated in the Paseo del Prado in Havana, Cuba. It was officially opened in 1838, although its first presentation occurred on November 1837. It is to be found in a building known as the Palace of the Galician Centre which served as a place of social reunion for the […]

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Tropicana Cabaret Excursion from Old Havana

Set under the open sky, Tropicana is a unbelievable place to enjoy Cuban music and folklore, showcasing the color, rhythm and passion of this vibrant Caribbean nation. Tropicana Cabaret is Cuba’s oldest and most impressive cabaret, set over lush green tropical gardens in Havana’s Marianao neighborhood. Opened in 1939 this world-renowned singing and dancing fabulous […]

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