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Old Havana is just one of over 50 official online guides covering the whole of Cuba. If you´re planning a trip to Old Havana Cuba and would like discover our fabulous nation before visiting or, if you´d like to visit a specific place in Cuba, then you´ve come to the right place.

Old Havana is one of Cuba´s most popular places, visited by millions of people over the last decade. When you travel to Old Havana you may wish to check out the hotels near the old quarter of the city we have available or maybe you´d like to rent a car in Old Havana? We also offer extensive day trips in Havana. This unique place has simply amazing things to see.

Whether you are visiting Old Havana for business, pleasure or both, we´re sure that the Colonial section of the city will meet all of your expectations and that sights at Old Havana will provide everything you dreamed of.

cuba havanaHavana, the capital of Cuba, is the largest city in the Caribbean, this culturally rich urban center famous for its colonial buildings & UNESCO world heritage sites in Old Havana, Ernest Hemingway, Capitol building and vibrant nightlife is waiting for you to discover…More about Havana

cuba varaderoVaradero, is more than just resort town in the province of Matanzas, Cuba, it’s one of the largest resort areas in the Caribbean. Endless stretches of white sand, crystal-clear waters, stunning weather and heaps of fun activities make Varadero a major destination…More about Varadero

cuba trinidadTrinidad, a spectacular UNESCO World Heritage Site with narrow cobbled streets leading to Cuba’s best-preserved colonial architecture was founded as a Spanish settlement in 1514; Trinidad offers a slower pace of life allied to incredible Sancti Spíritus mountainous valleys creating a backdrop for stunning scenery…More about Trinidad

cuba santiago de cubaSantiago de Cuba, looking back from San Pedro de la Roca Castle, Santiago de Cuba’s 17th century UNESCO World Heritage fortress the sprawling city is cupped by the mountainous eastern regions of Cuba. Visit the Casa Velázquez or Emilio Bacardí Moreau Museum or relax in the main square…More about Santiago de Cuba

cuba baracoa Baracoa, the exact spot where Christopher Columbus landed in Cuba its nickname is the “first city” for good reason. Boarding the Bay of Honey the city has its local hero Hatuey who fled from the Spanish conquistadors. Founded in 1511, Baracoa has incredible history for those seeking information about the founding of the Americas…More about Baracoa

cuba bayamoBayamo, proud birthplace of Cuba’s national anthem and the capital of Cuba’s eastern province of Granma, with a long five-century-old history. Located on the river of the same name the city’s “Boulevard” of Bayamo is a thriving way of Cuban life frequented by over 500 licensed horse-drawn carriages. The second of the 7 cities founded by Diego Velázquez, rich architecture and slow pace make it a big tourism spot…More about Bayamo

cuba cayo cocoCayo Coco, the epitome of everyone’s idea of a Caribbean paradise, Cayo Coco conjures those thoughts of hammocks by the sea, coconut trees and turquoise waters. However it’s much more than just a beach retreat. Snorkeling & Diving are just amazing, as is the Acuavida Spa, La Cueva Del Jabali or a day trip to historic Moron City…More about Cayo Coco

cuba cayo santa mariaCayo Santa Maria, considered the next generation of Cuban island resorts in the Jardines del Rey Archipelago, Cayo Santa Maria offers luxury hotels and a more exclusive environment for visitors. Its newer hotels, more modern feel and stunning coastline place the resort at the pinnacle of Caribbean latest generation resorts…More about Cayo Santa Maria

cuba cayo ensenachosCayo Ensenachos, exclusivity is what this island key is all about. With just a handful of 5 star properties, empty virgin beaches and some of the most pristine untouched beaches in Cuba, Cayo Ensenachos VIP feel and exclusivity make it a premiere venue for those looking for individuality away from the crowds…More about Cayo Ensenachos

cuba cayo guillermoCayo Guillermo, voted Cuba’s best beach in 2012, Playa Pilar is an oasis like no other, harnessing the beauty of the unspoiled natural surroundings the experience is truly paradiscial. As one of Cuba’s newest resorts, the latest properties are low rise sumptuous mega resorts designed to create the least impact on the natural biosphere and ecosystems…More about Cayo Guillermo

cuba jardines del reyJardines del Rey, hundreds of tiny islands along Cuba´s north coast make up this breathtaking Caribbean archipelago. Connected to the mainland by 3 causeways in the late 1980s, the numerous keys offer now famous destinations like; Cayo Coco, Cayo Santa Maria, Playa Santa Lucia, Cayo Santa Maria, Cayo Ensenachos and Cayo Guillermo…More about Jardines del Rey

cuba matanzasMatanzas, spanning both north and south Cuba in one swathe of province, Matanzas is unique in that it offers dual coastlines on the Florida straits and the Caribbean Sea. The province is divergent, featuring large swamp areas towards the center with iconic coastal resorts such as Varadero to the north and Playa Larga with its Montemar Natural Park to the south…More about Matanzas

cuba pinar del rioPinar del Rio, center stage for this breathtaking province is the Viñales Valley and the marble and limestone mogotes rising majestically from the arable land. Cigar country, Pinar del Rio is the bedrock of Cuban tobacco farming and agriculture. The popular Prehistoric wall, Indian cave and much more bring thousands of visitors annually…More about Pinar del Rio

cuba camagueyCamaguey, Cuba’s largest province is often overshadowed by the popularity of Trinidad & Havana; however the city has nothing to envy these more publicized venues. 500 year old colonial buildings abound, churches and the beautiful Plaza de San Juan de Dios bring tourists flocking to the city each year…More about Camaguey

cuba las tunasLas Tunas, straddling the Caribbean Sea to the south and Atlantic to the north, the city of the same name and the provincial capital was founded in 1796. Its annual carnival starts on September 18th and should not be missed. Puerto Padre is a little known coastal town popular with well informed tourists…More about Las Tunas

cuba isla de la juventudIsla de La Juventud, world renowned for its top class diving center called Colony, Christopher Columbus dropped anchor here in 1494, naming it Evangelist. Often well off the usual tourism radar the island has much to offer. Natural beaches with little tourism make the ideal hideaway…More about Isla de La Juventud

cuba santa claraSanta Clara, Founded in 1689, it’s the capital city of the Villa Clara province, tourists flock to the Che Guevara with child memorial in the revolution square. Close to Parque Vidal is historic railway station, a majestic building close to the equally famous boxcar museum. Drop by the Santa Hermanas Cathedral for a photo session on your way to the La Caridad Theater…More about Santa Clara

cuba guamaGuama, whether your visit is to the Indian Village or the crocodile farm, Guama is a peaceful place nestled into the rich tropical landscape of the Laguna Del Tesoro, part of the Natural Park of the Zapata Peninsula. There’s something magical about watching Hatching of Crocodiles in Boca de Guama and the ecotourism options in the area are endless…More about Guama

cuba guantanamoGuantanamo, 965Km from Havana and the namesake of the La Guantanamera song, the city features the La Piedra Zoo, Farola Viaduct and numerous colonial fortresses along its circular coastline. The picturesque Alejandro de Humboldt National Park and Cuchillas del Toa were designated a world heritage sites by Unesco in 2001. The unique flora of the region makes it a popular tourist destination all year round…More about Guantanamo

cuba guardalavacaGuardalavaca, besides be one of Cuba’s most picturesque beaches, it is next to the site of Bariay at which Christopher Columbus disembarked for the first time to see the true beauty of Cuba and, of course the New World. A coastal paradise on Cuba’s northern shore which benefits from mild tropical weather and fantastic tourist amenities created during the 1990s until today…More about Guardalavaca

cuba holguinHolguin, the center piece of the city is the Calixto Garcia Square, while the province boasts some of Cuba’s most popular tourist destinations like; Playa Pesquero, Cayo Saetia, Mirador de Mayabe and Pernik. Apart from the obvious tourist inclinations the province has a lot to offer since Francisco Garcia Holguin founded the city in 1545. Colonial architecture as far as the eye can see and a rich but tumultuous history gives Holguin that something special…More about Holguin

cuba cayo levisaCayo Levisa, located a short distance from the coast of Pinar del Rio this tiny island offers just one hotel and a singular motivation to visit “relaxation”. With 3 kilometers of essentially virgin beaches with only a handful of guests able to stay at the hotel, the island garners a sensation of true solitude. Allied to this are 23 snorkeling & diving sites where even the fish seem unaware of your presence…More about Cayo Levisa

cuba cayo las brujasCayo Las Brujas, despite not having been developed into a major international resort, the island is showing signs of development, starting with its regional airport and basic infrastructure of a Marina, Hotel Las Brujas, restaurant and Bar. Just 15 min drive from nearby keys, the Playa Salina is an idyllic desolate 2.5km long beach with the planet fly fishing center located at one end…More about Cayo Las Brujas

cuba cayo largoCayo Largo, an early pioneer in Cuban key development, the island boasts several world class resorts along its pristine white sand beaches. The yacht marina is also popular with sailors from around the world. Fashionable with visitors from all corners of the globe, Cayo Largo offers a paradise setting with Cuba’s Jardines de la Reina archipelago…More about Cayo Largo

cuba granmaGranma, famous disembarkation point for Fidel Castro, Che Guevara and the gorillas who overthrew the government of Fulgencio Batista, the province was renamed in 1976 to coincide with the name of the Granma vessel the aforementioned used to sail to Cuba from Mexico. Both Manzanillo and Bayamo are popular tourist destinations with hotels Royalton, Sierra Maestra and Club Amigo Marea del Portillo…More about Granma

cuba villa claraVilla Clara, province covering a large stretch of Cuba’s popular northern coast incorporating Cayo Las Brujas and Cayo Santa María. Not to be missed is the city of Remedios, historic center of Cuban history and the base of Cuba’s most popular festival held in December each year. Aside from the beach resorts Villa Clara has a strong ecotourism infrastructure…More about Villa Clara

cuba santa luciaSanta Lucia, what a beach! Heralded as Cuba’s top diving spot and perfect snorkeling center, the Playa Santa Lucia has the longest coral reef outside of Australia. No less than 21Km long, the beach is a marvel of protected species and beautiful exotic flora. Peppered along its coastline are some world class hotels, nicely spaced to give a feeling of solitude to guests…More about Santa Lucia

cuba sanctis spiritusSancti Spiritus, this is not called Holy Spirit City for nothing. Epicenter of Cuba’s past sugar trading days the city and province holds the riches of 5 centuries of history. Founded by Diego Velázquez de Cuéllar in 1514, the city features the unique Colonial Art Museum and the impressive Parroquial Mayor church…More about Sancti Spiritus

cuba cienfuegosCienfuegos, known as the waterfront city or the “the Pearl of the South”, the city’s coastline boasts the Notre Dame undersea diving maze, calm seas ideal for sailing, boating and kayaking. The unique culture in Cienfuegos is attributed its ancestry as a French enclave and many buildings show signs of French architectural undertones. Visit the Castillo de Jagua an impressive fortress built to protect Cienfuegos from menacing pirates…More about Cienfuegos

cuba soroaSoroa, is extremely popular weekend retreat for Havana residents the crystal waters of the Manantiales River being a major draw for those tired of seawater. Over 700 species or orchids grow naturally around the river and a popular picnic spot is the waterfall found at the mouth of the river. If you’re looking for a naturist retreat not far from Havana then Soroa should be high on your list…More about Soroa

cuba topes de collantesTopes de Collantes, the Gran Parque Topes de Collantes is a mountain village set in lush countryside with commanding views of surrounding valleys. Ideal for those looking to escape into fresher climes and be close to nature, the village offers a beautiful setting with numerous ecotourism venues…More about Topes de Collantes

cuba playa pesqueroPlaya Pesquero, located 50 Kms from Holguin is not only the location of Cuba’s largest hotel but also the beautiful Pesquero Beach. With just under 1000 rooms the hotel which takes its name from the beach is an extremely popular resort with both bungalows and rooms of all types…More about Playa Pesquero

cuba playa largaPlaya Larga, close to the famous Bay of Pigs and the Zapata National Park, Playa Larga is an impressive beach on the southern coast of the Matanzas province. Offering several excellent hotels and beautiful scenery it has become extremely popular with tourists looking to escape from the big resorts to the north…More about Playa Larga

cuba playa gironPlaya Giron, a small beach located on the southern Caribbean Sea coast of the Matanzas province, made famous during the battle of the Bay of Pigs. A popular destination for those interested in Cuban American recent history it features several hotels, bars and even a nightclub…More about Playa Giron

cuba maria la gordaMaria La Gorda, Maria la Gorda is a remote area on the coast of Pinar Del Rio with beautiful beaches, better known for its world class diving, an excellent place to relax or do some snorkeling right from the beach. Besides the primarily scuba diving focused hotels, there are small bars and restaurants offering fresh seafood…More about Maria La Gorda

cuba las terrazasLas Terrazas, a small rural community set in the heart of a 25000 hectare UNESCO biosphere reserve in the Sierra del Rosario national park. Essentially very inviting and elegant infrastructure dedicated to leisure activities and ecotourism, it makes a perfect break from the beaches and to simply relax and swim in the rivers or wander through the forests that surround the area…More about Las Terrazas

cuba gironGiron, a tiny village located near the infamous Bay of Pigs battle zone, Giron offers a small town feel for weary travelers looking to escape from the mega resorts that cover the rest of Matanzas province. An ideal retreat to visit some of the local paladar private restaurants or meet the locals in this town practically devoid of tourism…More about Giron

cuba escambrayEscambray, mountains are located in the central region of Cuba, extending about 80 kilometers (50 mi) from east to west, and 80 kilometers (50 mi) from north to south. The highest peak, Pico San Juan, rises to 960 m (3,150 ft) above sea level. The Escambray range is divided into two sections by the Agabama River and is part of Topes de Collantes natural park and Valley de los Ingenios a UNESCO World Heritage Site…More about Escambray

cuba elgueaElguea, is located in the province of Villa Clara and famous for its natural thermal springs & spas. Less than an hour from Varadero Cuba’s only true spa town promises medicinal waters to cure all types of ailments. Very relaxing, the town has several hotels and a small village perfect for just sitting back and relaxing in the thermal springs…More about Elguea

Cuba cienaga de zapataCienaga de Zapata, is a gigantic national park in the Matanzas province of Cuba often compared to the Everglades National Park in Florida. The national park is one of best bird watching locations in the world, along with world famous scuba diving and beautiful beaches. It’s on Cuba’s south coast, about a two-hour drive from Havana and close to numerous ecotourism focused venues…More about Cienaga de Zapata

cuba ciego de avilaCiego de Avila, founded in 1840 the city and province are located in the center of Cuba along the central highway. Holder of the crown jewels in Cuban tourism Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo along with a large stretch of the Jardines del Rey archipelago both the province and city of the same name are steeped in history. The beautiful views from the Diego Velázquez Lighthouse are not to be missed, neither is the famous Los Pinos Beach…More about Ciego de Avila

cuba cayo saetiaCayo Saetia, located just off the coast of Holguin this tiny key is extremely popular with nature lovers. With 12 beaches and some unusual fauna, the island was used to home zebras, water buffalos, antelopes, peacocks and other animals imported from Africa 3 decades ago. 12 virgin beaches conclude this island paradise´s unusual offering…More about Cayo Saetia

cuba cayo sabinalCayo Sabinal, an extraordinary island paradise pertaining to the province of Camaguey, made famous by Ernest Hemingway who visited the island regularly on his yacht named Pilar. The island features its original lighthouse named Colon along with an abandoned fortress built in 1831…More about Cayo Sabinal

cuba cayo romanoCayo Romano, Is the closest key to Jardines del Rey international airport besides Cayo Coco. Much larger than Cayo Coco it benefits from a road network and serves as the main causeway artery to Cayo Cruz. Today Cayo Romano is visited for fly fishing, diving and its virgin beaches. Short term plans include two mega resorts of 5 star standards before 2018…More about Cayo Romano

cuba cayo punta arenasCayo Punta Arenas, situated a short distance from the coast of Pinar del Rio, this islet key is popular with divers and pleasure craft searching for virgin beaches along Cuba’s northern coast. Complete with a yacht mooring, the islet has been earmarked for development, primarily as an excursion from Pinar del Rio…More about Cayo Punta Arenas

cayo jutia cubaCayo Jutia, connected to the mainland by a causeway, this Key has been visited for over a 100 years as a paradise escape. Featuring an ancient lighthouse, a few small bars and excellent beaches, Cayo Jutia es set to be the next tourist development with hotels, just 1 hour drive from Havana…More about Cayo Jutia

cuba cayo ines de sotoCayo Ines de Soto, Cuba’s closest Island to Key West, its natural beauty and short distance from Havana make it a certain candidate for major development. The island was discovered in 1492 by Columbus, but systematically visited by H. De Soto in 1532, who named it after his wife. In 1992, the Inés de Soto shipwreck, named after the reef, was discovered and excavated. Among the cultural material excavated, were two astrolabes, including one dated 1555. More about Cayo Ines de Soto

cuba cayo buenavistaCayo Buenavista, Just 70km from Havana and close to the Mariel development zone, Cayo Buena Vista offers attractive beaches and excellent diving opportunities. Located off the coast of Pinar del Rio, excursion plans from Viñales are underway to develop the island as a major leisure center for tourists from both the aforementioned and Havana…More about Cayo Buenavista

cuba cayo blanco del surCayo Blanco del Sur, also known as Ernesto Thaelmann Island, this 15km long key offers an amazing ecotourism experience. On land there’s an abundance of Cuban Iguanas wandering around, not unlike the Galapagos Islands. Underwater, lobsters and starfish can be caught by hand on its virgin coastline. Regular catamaran and diving trips from Varadero are available…More about Cayo Blanco del Sur

cuba cayo blancoCayo Blanco, the smaller sister to Cayo Blanco del Sur, Cayo Blanco also benefits from regular visitors from the coastal resort of Varadero. Trips to this island tend to include an ecotourism focus, including visits to the palm forest and analysis of the flora and fauna. A small boat mooring center is available along with thatched buildings, bars and entertainment centers. The island offers a panoramic view of the Varadero coastline…More about Cayo Blanco

capitolio havanaCapitolio Havana, located in Old Havana, once the seat of government for Cuba, and exact copy of the US Capitol building, it actually measures 2 inches taller than the US building. Fully restored in 2013, the Capitolio Havana is open to the public daily and will soon become the seat of Cuba’s government once again…More about Capitolio Havana