Morro Castle Old Havana Cuba

Morro Castle Old Havana

The Castillo de los Tres Reyes del Morro Castle is the most well known castle fortress in Cuba, construction commenced in 1589 and finished in 1660 and was built primarily to guard the bay of Havana.

One of the “must see” places while in Old Havana, the symbol of Havana Cuba called the The Giraldilla is situated on top of its towers.

Morro Castle, the fort at the entrance to the harbor of Havana, Cuba was built to protect the city from buccaneers

Morro Castle entrance fee is just 4.00 CUC and a further 2.00 CUC to climb in up into the lighthouse. Another 2.00 CUC is requested if you wish to take photos. There is also souvenir based outdoor market near the entrance. It’s all open and outdoors so it’s worth visiting on a cooler day. The whole fortress takes few hours to explore on foot, and it is absolutely breathtaking and a perfect spot to take photos of the Havana Coastline and Malecon Boulevard

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